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Player Sydney Holden Canadian
Primary position Right forward
Grade Sub-13
Sportive information
Player field name
Height 5.4 ft / 164 cm
Weight 110 lb / 50 Kg
Preferred foot Right
Primary position Right forward
Secondary position Left forward
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Sub-13
Sportive information
My past sports experiences include: Competitive gymnastics (2 years), Competitive dance (4 years), Karate (1 year), Volleyball (2 years), Varsity High school soccer (2 years), Competitive soccer (6 Years).
Personal information
Gender Female
Birth date April, 27 of 1996 (24 years)
Nationality   Canadian
Birthplace   Canada
City peterborough
Country   Canada
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade 94%
Languages spoken English, French
Special skills
Personal description
I am a dedicated soccer player, who loves the game and am willing to do anything to improve my soccer skills. I train as much as I can (with a team and on my own) and try to increase my knowledge of the game everyday. I dedicate my whole life to soccer, I literally eat, sleep, and dream soccer. My dream is to become a professional female soccer player and I am willing to work to become that. My strong work ethic in school and athletics can help me to reach my full capacity for school and soccer. I learn from all of my mistakes and try not to repeat them after acknowledging them. Everything I do, I do to the best of my abilities and never slack off. With proper training, and chances, I know that I can become a world class female soccer player.