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Player Terrance Wilson American
Primary position Right forward
Grade Semi-professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name Heero Yuy
Height 5.9 ft / 179 cm
Weight 161 lb / 73 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Right forward
Secondary position Left forward
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Semi-professional (+18)
Sportive information
Green Run Varsity in High school.
Virginia Rush Soccer League
OTSL Virginia Beach Men's League
New York Cosmos tryouts attended
Bodens BK (Swden) Combine
IFK Lulea (Sweden) Combine
Willimington Hamerheads Combine
Richmond Kickers (Future tryouts)
Wilmington Hammerheads ( Future Tryouts)
Virginia Beach Piranhas (Future Tryouts)
PSC Combine (June 2013, Decmber 2013)
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date June, 23 of 1991 (29 years)
Nationality   American
Birthplace   United States
City Virginia Beach
Country   United States
Has passport? No
Academic grade College
Languages spoken English, Spanglish
Special skills Athletic, Power, Vision, . See small openings that others don't see. Determination. Team Player.
Personal description
Hello I'm Terrance or best known as Heero Yuy (nickname by peers) Born is Portsmouth. Studied Barcelona since a young lad. Learns quickly, and loves learning. Handworker. Determined. Body built of slim cornerback or swift RB (American football.) Speed is amazing, sprint is astonishing. Mentally strong. Love for the game. Team player first. Never flustered under pressure. Studying under Brazilian and Liberian coaches locally. I have high tolerance for pain. I just want to live out my fulfilling dream to show the world that dreams of a USA kid are bigger than just the MLS. I want to be YOUR favorite soccer player. My athleticism is beyond the roof. I squat 145lbs, leg press I max out at 700lbs as of July. Cardio is great. I just want to be known. For this beautiful game. Shy in person, something else on the field. Good wise. I just want to be heard and seen.