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Player Sabath Emmanuel Rodriguez vega Mexican
Primary position Goalkeeper
Grade Sub-18
Sportive information
Player field name
Height 6 ft / 183 cm
Weight 179 lb / 81 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Goalkeeper
Secondary position Goalkeeper
Has agent? No
Has club? No
Grade Sub-18
Sportive information
I have played ever since I was young but I stopped playing from 12 to 14. When I started playing again my first year I started playing varsity at my high school and them club every year since.
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date April, 17 of 1996 (24 years)
Nationality   Mexican
Birthplace   Mexico
City Salt Lake City
Country   United States
Has passport? No
Academic grade
Languages spoken
Special skills
Personal description
Hey I'm sabath and I'm 17( senior in highschool ). To me soccer or football is much more than a passion or hobbie, it's my very being. It's who I am, it's all I do. When others are hanging out with friends, I'm training. I'm always training, I wish I could do more because I love every minute of it but all I get the chance of playing is 3 hours a day.