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Player Patrick Adriano Tiepo Italian
Primary position Left forward
Grade Sub-18
Sportive information
Player field name Tigue
Height 6 ft / 183 cm
Weight 172 lb / 78 Kg
Preferred foot Right
Primary position Left forward
Secondary position Left midfielder
Has agent? No
Has club? No
Grade Sub-18
Sportive information
Peritiba Futebol Clube
Esporte Clube Mundo Novo
C.T.S Cascavel
Concordia Atletico Clube
Seleção Brasileira
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date July, 25 of 1996 (24 years)
Nationality   Italian
Birthplace   Brazil
City Concórdia
Country   Brazil
Has passport? No
Academic grade
Languages spoken
Special skills
Personal description
Nome/Name: Patrick Adriano Tiepo
Idade/Age: 17
Data de nascimento/Date of birth: 25/07/1996
Pé dominante/Dominant Foot: Direito/right
Dupla Cidadania/Dual citizenship: Sim/Yes
Nacionalidade/Nationality: Brasileiro/Brazilian
Características/characteristics : Passe/Técnica/Agilidade/Chute/Lançamento/Corte/Criatividade/Dribles/Ritmo/Pass/Technical/Agility/Shooting/Release/Cut/Creativity/Dribbling/Rhythm
Altura/height : 1.83 m
Peso/weight : 78 kg