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Player Massimo Cimino Canadian
Primary position Right midfielder
Grade Sub-18
Sportive information
Player field name
Height 5.8 ft / 176 cm
Weight 130 lb / 59 Kg
Preferred foot Right
Primary position Right midfielder
Secondary position Left back
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Sub-18
Sportive information
Full Name: Massimo Cimino
Now Residing: Sudbury Ontario Canada
Age/date of birth: (16) May 24, 1993
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130 lbs.
(Right foot is more dominant)Two Footed

Playing Exprience:

Began playing at the age of 4, never stoped since then. At the age of 10 I realized I wanted to play professional football. I trained hard, everyday, working every aspect of my game.I played on my first competitive team at the age of 9. At the age of 12 I played for team Northern Ontario.This past summer, my team played in Division 1, Mens League(highest league in my city). Within the first 4 game's, bumps and bruises occured but I didn't stop, until I realized it's the best thing to do, it's better to play players better and stronger than you.This year my coach put me sweeper because he likes my new style of aggressive soccer but I realized getting cards is not going to help my team out, but I prefer outside right or left midfield because I get to see the ball more. I am very strong on cornor kicks and free kicks.Referee's would come up to me and ask how I was after game's as player's would foul me not on purpose, usually nothing big would happen other than the one injury I got when I hurt my knee or when fights would happen. Last fall I was named caption of the junior high school soccer team and led the team in goals with three even though I was defence. Our team came third and quilifed for the Northern Ontario Championships (NOSSA) but lost 2-1 in extra time.This past summer I ...
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date May, 24 of 1993 (27 years)
Nationality   Canadian
Birthplace   Canada
City Sudbury
Country   Canada
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade 11
Languages spoken English,Italian
Special skills Always give 100%
Personal description
Soccer is life. I try to go down to the field every day. All I want is to have a chance to play pro and if I get that chance it would mean the world to me.
Twitter: @Cimino13
Instagram: @mcimino13