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Player Delti Victor Louis Becker Canadian
Primary position Left midfielder
Grade Amateur (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name
Height 5.9 ft / 181 cm
Weight 163 lb / 74 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Left midfielder
Secondary position Centre midfielder
Has agent? No
Has club? No
Grade Amateur (+18)
Sportive information
Very Brief Summary Of My 3 Year Career (in order):

-Tryouts for Toronto FC in 2007
-Involved in a Manchester United Training Camp
-Earned Player Of The Week and Certificate At The MUFC Camp
-Northern Ontario Champion -1st Place(2008) 2nd Place (2009)
-Qualified For All Ontarios

Personal Achievements:
-Most Improved (2007)
-Most Dedicated (2009)
-Currently Captaining a 1st Div. Mens Team

Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date October, 30 of 1991 (29 years)
Nationality   Canadian
Birthplace   Canada
City Sudbury
Country   Canada
Has passport? No
Academic grade
Languages spoken
Special skills
Personal description
I am a dedicated athlete, train every day in the gym or at home, work hard on cardio and am always looking to improve and play at a higher level.

Have only been playing for 3 years since I was 15 years old (started playing 3 years ago) and I am playing at the top level in my city. I watched the world cup 2006 and it inspired me to start playing the beautiful game. I got to the level I am at through hard work and dedication, and literally handful of hours of training, studying and practise every day.