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Player Kwame Asante Ghanaian
Primary position Centre forward
Grade Amateur (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name Nani
Height 6.1 ft / 187 cm
Weight 168 lb / 76 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Centre forward
Secondary position Right forward
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Amateur (+18)
Sportive information
when he was five years old at liberty academy in Accra.i started as a
winger (seven)but when my coaches saw the ability in me they turned me
into the stricken role because i was using both legs to play.when i was
eleven years old i was scouted to a union sporting academy. when I was
fourteen years old, i was load to a first division academy side called
west ham football club and after playing the league i was the second
best player and was the goal king in the 2007 and 2008 youth league and
God been so good for my side and performance am now a regular striker
at a second division club in Accra - Ghana named Desert Warriors F/C
and is my prayer and dream to play for any European club so please i
want to know if you can help me to achieve my dream.
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date October, 22 of 1993 (25 years)
Nationality   Ghanaian
Birthplace   Ghana
City Accra
Country   Ghana
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade High School Graduate
Languages spoken English
Special skills
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