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Player Tomislav Labudović Croatian
Primary position Center back
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name
Height 6 ft / 184 cm
Weight 179 lb / 81 Kg
Preferred foot Right
Primary position Center back
Secondary position Right back
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
*Appearances: 125
(Croatian 1.Division) ;

*Clean sheets
2004-2009: 42 for Croatian 1.Division and 2 for Croatian national
team ;

*Total Goals: 5
for FC Zagreb (2004-2009) ;

*2010 from FC Croatia
Sesvete(1.Division) to FC Inter Zaprešić (1.Division;Coach: Ilija Lončarević);

*2009 from FC Zagreb (1.Division; Coach: Luka Pavlović)
to FC Croatia Sesvete (1.Division; Coach: Nenad Gračan); *2008/2009 from FC
Zagreb (1.Divison; Coach: Luka Pavlović) to FC Šibenik (1.Division; Coach:
Ivica Kalinić) ; *2004/2008 FC Zagreb(1.Division;Coach: Mile Petković, Miroslav
Blažević, Luka Pavlović) ;

U-21, U-19, U-17 ;

Clubs: FC Zagreb (1.Division) ;

Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date October, 25 of 1985 (35 years)
Nationality   Croatian
Birthplace   Croatia
City Zagreb
Country   Croatia
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade
Languages spoken
Special skills
Personal description
U-21, U-19, U-17 defender of Croatian national team, one of croatian's best talents, a player with a bright future.
Quite and professional, respected by his teammeates and coaches.

Fast with an excellent control, intelligent run, with good timing.

Educated in football tactic, moves and behavior.
He is goal scorer and assistant.