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Player Zlatko Gajski Croatian
Primary position Goalkeeper
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name Croatia
Height 6.2 ft / 190 cm
Weight 198 lb / 90 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Goalkeeper
Secondary position Goalkeeper
Has agent? No
Has club? No
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
Rewards of Zlatko:

1. The best goalkeeper in Osijek in 2004
2. The best goalkeeper in Split in 2004
3. Competitor on high - state level in Rovinj in 2007
4. Competitor on many tournaments ( 2008-2010)
5. The best goalkeeper in Zagreb (Dubrava) in 2009
6. Owner of gold medal in futsal Vinkovci 2010
7. Competitor on European Futsal college championship in Zagreb 2010 - GOLD MEDAL
9. Competitor on European Futsal college championship in Finland 2011
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date August, 28 of 1988 (31 years)
Nationality   Croatian
Birthplace   Croatia
City Zagreb
Country   Croatia
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade student
Languages spoken English, Deutsc, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Special skills all motor-skills and abilities...agility,strenght, coordination, reflexes...
Personal description
Short biography (CV) of Zlatko Gajski:

was born in Našice, Croatia (28. august 1988). He plays football for 15
years on position goalkeeper, in football-outdoor and
futsal-indoor(only last 5-6 years). He has many motor skills and
abilities- in favor of the fact, except video, it is and his college:
''Faculty of Kinesiology'' or by You something like ''Sports College and