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Player Rafael Maia Santos Brazilian
Primary position Right forward
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name Rafa Maia
Height 5.9 ft / 180 cm
Weight 161 lb / 73 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Right forward
Secondary position Right back
Has agent? No
Has club? No
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
EXPERIENCE: BRAZIL: *Local Team: Boa Vista Football Club (ES – Brazil) Desportiva Football Club (ESBrazil) Vitoria Football Club (ES – Brazil) *First Division (under 17): Club Atletico Mineiro (MG - Brazil) * Played as Right back for two years *Professional: Rio Branco Athletic Club (Brazil) * Played as Right back for 4 years Tupy Football Club (ES – Brazil) * Played Right back for 3 years Uniao of Vila Velha (ES – Brazil) *Played as right wing and right back for 2 years Club Deportivo Carbajosa(Spain) *Played as right wing and right back FORMATION: * Jan 1989 to June1994 Desportiva Football Club (Age:8 to 13) I played 6 years as a center and right midfield coach : Bene * Jun1994 to Dec1995 Boa Vista Football club (Age: 13 to 15) Position: right midfield and right back Coach : Ricardo cruz *Jan1996 to Feb1997 Vitoria Football Club (Age : 15 to 16) Position: center midfield and right back Coach : Luiz carlos * Febr 1997 to Dec 1998 Atletico Mineiro (first division team)(Age :16 to 18) Position : rightback , (some games I played as left back, center midfield and ri...
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date November, 19 of 1980 (39 years)
Nationality   Brazilian
Birthplace   Brazil
City Vila Velha
Country   Brazil
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade university
Languages spoken english, spanish and portuguese
Special skills
Personal description
To Whom It May Concern: My name is Rafael Maia Santos and I am a professional soccer player playing for Esporte Clube Tupy (professional team) in Vila Velha, Brazil. I have been playing football (soccer) in Brazil since I was 8 years old and have perfected my skills enough to play on first division and professional teams in Brazil (Clubs listed in my resume).My knowlege and experience is extensive. I am in top physical shape, training and playing for a professional team Esporte Clube Tupy in Brazil. My passion for soccer makes me a dedicated and skilled player and i always give 100% during practice and at every game. However, I strongly believe that it is not an individual that wins a game but a team effort. I have been captain of a few teams in Brazil, and the way a team plays together determines how strong it is. If you require any further information please email me at or call and fax me in Brazil(55)(27)33406749, (55)(27) 81455150. Thank you very much for your personal help and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Sincerely, Rafael Maia Santos Brazil