Privacy Policy
Privacy is very important issue for us. These terms apply to all services provided. In case we need to get detailed information it will be explained separately. If you have any question concerning these terms, please contact-us.
Your privacy is very important for We have developed privacy terms that describe the kind of personal information we receive and collect when you access and/or use the services. When you use this website you agree to this privacy terms.
The following directives resume that policy:
  • collects personal information when someone signs up. If necessary, we may complete the informationion provided by the users with information from Innovation Point S.A. and 3rd parties, in order to provide more personalized content.
  • We may share aggregate information (if non personal) with others.
  • We may use personal information in proceedings that aim to improve the quality of the services provided by
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your contacts are up-to-date. This allows us to provide you the best services we can.
  • If you wish to remove all personal information we have in our registrations, please use our contact form. Note that we need some critical information from you in order to provide our services, and if you ask to remove information you may not be able to use our website properly.
  • The permission of the responsible for education or legal representative is necessary for people under 18 years old to register personal data. The responsible for education or legal representative take full responsibility for the use of that information under these privacy terms.
  • Innovation Point S.A. will take reasonable precautions in order to guarantee that all personal information that is submitted through this website remains confidential.
  • uses cookies and other similar technologies so that users can have a better experience. These technologies also allow us to analyse the use of the services provided by, in order to improve the quality of our services.
  • registers automatically the URL, IP address, type and browser’s language, operative system, date and time of the request, whenever the user accesses the website.
  • The collected information may be used to provide services and other services provided by us that include advertisement or other content.
  • If we need 3rd parties to analyze the information collected by, all guidelines of our privacy terms will be fulfilled, and the confidentiality and safety of those data will be totally respected.
  • The information will not necessarily be processed in the same country where the users live.
  • This information may also be provided to others if demanded by the circumstances like legal proceedings, to avoid fraud and imminent damages, or to ensure the safety of our net and services.
  • Users may refuse to provide personal data and/or reject cookies on their browsers. In this case, the performance of our services may be affected.
  • Users may access and edit some personal data at in their dashboard.
  • We develop ways to protect your personal information by using reliable safety tools against loss, theft, non authorized access, divulgation, copy, use or change of data.
  • These privacy terms are included in the Terms of Service that regulate the use of this website and both can be changed or updated at anytime with no warning. When you use this website you accept the Terms of Service and these privacy terms. The use of your personal information is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time when it occurs. Important note: this is a translated version of the original text written in Portuguese. This page is provided “as-is” without warranty.