Terms of Service

Terms of use of Rayleague.com

Rayleague.com website is property of Innovation Point S.A. who are also responsible for its support. Innovation Point S.A. created these Terms of Service to safeguard the content uploaded by users. Before using this website, please read these Terms of Service that together with Privacy Terms represent a legal compromise between you, and Innovation Point S.A. If you have any question or suggestion about our Terms of Service please contact us via our contact-us.

The use of Rayleague.com presumes the acceptation of the following Terms of Service:

1 - Terms
When you access Rayleague.com you automatically agree with the Terms of Service of this website, with all local laws and regulations that are applicable, and you accept that you are responsible for the fulfillment of the applicable local laws. If you don’t agree with any of these terms you cannot use or access to this website. The content on this website is protected by copyright and by the rules of registered trade marks.
2 - Permission
2.1 The download of content from Rayleague.com is allowed for personal and non-commercial purposes. This is a guarantee of licence with the following restraints:
  • Modify or copy content;
  • Commercial use of content;
  • Remove any notation of copyright or other property notations from the content;
  • content to other person or to mirror the content to another server.
2.2 This permission will end automatically if you violate any of these restraints and may be cancelled by Innovation Point S.A. at anytime.
3 - Rayleague.com content
3.1 Rayleague.com will be available permanently. Innovation Point S.A. will take actions to protect and preserve contents uploaded by you.
3.2 All rights of intellectual property in and related to the website and the content available there belong to Innovation Point S.A., to the authors submitted by users, or are under the license of others.
3.3 You declare that you own all the material that you submit, transfer or by any other way made available, and that if you are not the author of that content you admit that copyright is being respected and take full charge for any violations at this level. After the notification and verifications of copyright violation to Innovation Point S.A., the companies will take necessary means to repair the situation by notifying the user who’s responsible for the content uploaded, by removing the content, by excluding the user and/or by notifying the legal authorities.
3.4 Innovation Point S.A. have no control of the content delivered or posted by users and do not guaranty the accuracy, probity, or quality of them. The user accepts that Innovation Point S.A. are not liable for losses or damages of any kind in result of the use of the content posted at Rayleague.com.
3.5 The user concedes to Innovation Point S.A. an unlimited and free license to host, distribute, edit or remove any part of the content posted on the site.
3.6 In the quality of user, you are the only responsible for the content posted on this website by you directly or with helpdesk provide by Innovationpoint S.A. This also includes the upload of text, images or multimedia files by helpdesk at your request. You may post any content and Innovationpoint S.A may remove any content:
  • Considered as pornographic or in any way obscene, indecorous, with explicit sex, morally offensive or harmful to minors;
  • Defamatory to any individual, entity, goods or services;
  • That violates privacy or any rights concerning personal information;
  • Representing or encourages violence, appeals to hate speech, with racist content or ethnic discrimination;
  • Blasphemy or religious hate encouraging;
  • Imputing material or false information about any individuals or entities;
  • Revealing confidential information about others;
  • Which is somehow discriminatory concerning to gender, race, sexual orientation or age;
  • That may violate copyright, brands, patents or any other right of intellectual property;
  • That brings health or security risks and compromises national security or State secrets;
  • Which is thought to be offensive, immoral or illegal;
  • Malicious, fraudulent, or that could harm the reputation of the website or Innovation Point S.A.;
  • Illegal under the Law which is applicable to users, Innovation Point S.A.;
  • That somehow violates the Terms of Service;
  • Users may not upload, post or in any way transmit to the website any materials or hyperlinks that have virus or any other informatics code, files or program that may interrupt, destroy or limit the operation any software or hardware, communications equipment, or make any act which causes or contributes to such;
  • After submitting content to the website, the text may be automatically tracked using software for detecting indecent or offensive words;
  • The contents considered to violate the Terms of Service may be removed;
  • Activities that in our point of view violate the Law may be reported to the legal authorities.
4 - Host
The user is aware that Innovation Point S.A. may establish general practices and limits concerning use of the service, with no time limitation regarding to the retention of the content posted or uploaded in Rayleague.com, the size of any message that may be posted, the disk capacity allocated to Innovation Point S.A. services on their behalf, and the time during which the user may access to the service.
5 - Legal Notice
The contents of Rayleague.com website are provided “as is”. Innovation Point S.A. give no warranty, expressed or implied, and from this moment on proclaim and deny any other warranties including, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights. Moreover, Innovation Point S.A. do not guarantee or can be liable regarding the accuracy of the data presented or the reliability of any of the content on this website or references to these contents from any website that has a hyperlink to Rayleague.com.
6 - Registration and security
6.1 During the registration procedure you will choose a password. You should provide Innovationpoint S.A precise, complete and updated personal information.
6.2 You agree that when you are issued a User Name and Password by Innovationpoint S.A you keep them confidential and protected from others, since you are full responsible for all activities related to the use of your password or account.
6.3 You should inform immediately Innovationpoint S.A in the case you know or suspect about a security breach, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of password access. You are responsible for keeping your password confidential; you are aware and agree that under no circumstance Innovation Point S.A. can be liable for any act or omission by a registered or non-registered user of this website.
7 - Cessation
7.1. Innovation Point S.A. has the right to edit or delete the contents and/or to cancel the Terms of Service and/or the user access to this website at anytime and without warning in the case of:
  • Violation of the Terms of Service;
  • Technical issues or others that prevent Innovation Point S.A. to continue to provide all or a part of the site.
7.2 The Terms of Service shall automatically terminate if the user cancels the subscription services provided by the website, or if notified by Innovationpoint S.A.
8 - Limits
Under no circumstances should, Innovation Point S.A. or their suppliers be liable for damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to interruption of service), arising from the inability to use content provided by Rayleague.com. As some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of functionality for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not apply to you.
9 - Revision and Errata
The contents in Rayleague.com may present technical, typographical or photographic errors. Innovationpoint S.A. do not ensure that content in Rayleague.com are correct, complete and updated. Innovation Point S.A. may change existing content in Rayleague.com at anytime without warning. Innovation Point S.A. do not undertake, however, to update content.
10 - Links
Innovation Point S.A. did not check all sites that have hyperlinks to Rayleague.com and are not responsible for the content of any of those websites. The inclusion of any hyperlink to Rayleague.com does not imply consent to Innovationpoint S.A. Any hyperlink in such websites shall be the sole responsibility of the user. The user is solely responsible for any links he or she posts in Rayleague.com; Innovation Point S.A. is not liable for the content in such sites of for any damage arising from them. Innovation Point S.A. may remove links posted by users who violate the Terms of Service or Community Rules without warning, cancel the user’s registration or notify the authorities the inclusion of links from websites whose content are illegal.
11 - Changes of the Terms of Services
Innovation Point S.A. retain the right to review the Terms of Service of Rayleague.com anytime without warning. By using this website, you agree with the most recent version of the Terms of Service.
12 - Terms of Law
Any reference to Rayleague.com should respect the Law of the Portuguese Republic, never conflicting with local law. Important note: this is a translated version of the original text written in Portuguese. This page is provided “as-is” without warranty.