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Player George Lazar Romanian
Primary position Goalkeeper
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name george.lazar.gk
Height 6.1 ft / 187 cm
Weight 172 lb / 78 Kg
Preferred foot Left
Primary position Goalkeeper
Secondary position Goalkeeper
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
1998 - 2004: CFT Juventus Focsani -
Regional Youth League2004
- 2007: FC Sportul Studentesc Bucharest -
Regional Youth League2007 - 2008: FC
Sportul Studentesc Bucharest - Under 17 Romanian National League2008 - 2010: FC
Sportul Studentesc Bucharest - Under 19 Romanian National League2008 - 2010: FC
Sportul Studentesc Bucharest - Romanian 4th league 2011 - 2012: FC Costuleni -
Moldavian National League2011 - 2012: FC Panciu - Romanian Third League2012 - present: Juventus Bucharest - Romanian Third League
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date May, 27 of 1991 (29 years)
Nationality   Romanian
Birthplace   Romania
City Bucharest, Romania
Country   Romania
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade Highschool degree
Languages spoken Romanian, english, italian
Special skills Handling, reflexes, jumping, elasticity, aerial ability, agility
Personal description
I am George Lazar, 20 years old Romanian goalkeeper, currently playing in Romanian Third Division. I am a product of Sportul Studentesc Bucharest youth center, team in Romanian First League and an ex-member of FC Costuleni first team, club from Moldavian National League.

At this moment I am the player of Juventus Bucharest from Romanian Third League.