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Player Aleksandr Kostunets Ukrainian
Primary position Right back
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name Aleks
Height 5.9 ft / 181 cm
Weight 163 lb / 74 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Right back
Secondary position Right midfielder
Has agent? No
Has club? No
Grade Professional (+18)
Sportive information

Vice-Champion of Football Tournament

among youth teams in Germany (2001)

since 14 till 16 years: according to the family conditions went to


(2001-2003) Played at Italy fc SIENA

since 16 till 18 years:

Played in Vinnitsa championship of Ukraine U-19

Vice-Champion of the International Football Tournament

for U-17 teams in Belgium, Westerloo

Ukrainian 1st division FC “Bershad”

Ukrainian 1st division FC "Niva"

Ukrainian 2 division FC "Niva"

Moldova National division FC "Nistru" FC "Olimpia"
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date June, 24 of 1987 (33 years)
Nationality   Ukrainian
Birthplace   Ukraine
City Винница
Country   Ukraine
Has passport? No
Academic grade
Languages spoken
Special skills
Personal description
head playing, good start speed, fast reaction, standards

execution. exact technique.