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Player Bojan Žižić Croatian
Primary position Center forward
Grade Semi-professional (+18)
Sportive information
Player field name Žiža
Height 5.8 ft / 177 cm
Weight 168 lb / 76 Kg
Preferred foot Both
Primary position Center forward
Secondary position Right back
Has agent? No
Has club? Yes
Grade Semi-professional (+18)
Sportive information
I started football practice with its eight years in FC Kustošija, I stay in Kustošija about six years.With FC Kustošija I play 1998 and 1999 in France at tournament Eric van Rissegheem. After FC kustošija I go in FC Zagreb.In FC zagreb I stay about two years as a cadet and junior.Then I go to FC Hašk as junior in FC Hašk I play with senior.

involved in football show with Miroslav Blažević
Personal information
Gender Male
Birth date February, 4 of 1985 (36 years)
Nationality   Croatian
Birthplace   Croatia
City Zagreb
Country   Croatia
Has passport? Yes
Academic grade SSS; electronics technician
Languages spoken ENG
Special skills good technique, endurance,militancyI
Personal description
I started football practice with its eight years.Football is my sport,
it is the only life in which I enjoy when I play and then I am feeling
great and I am happy.I would like be successful at it only so far I have
not had a real chance.